Meeting with the team “Starbugs”

During the past Easter holidays we met the team Starbugs, which is the winning team in the German cansat competition for the year 2018.

Throughout the meeting, some basics were discussed, and we were able to ask for their professional advice relating to several concerns.

Subsequently, this meeting enabled us to change some essential concepts in our work, such as the replacement of the RPI with an Arduino, which is to be the used microcontroller in the upcoming competition.

Although this change came somewhat late, but still we were able, with hard work and diligence, to move on with it.

Team Starbugs is the second Cansat team that we arranged a meeting with. Such meetings were significantly useful for us, for they made it possible for us to obtain precious Information and instructions that helped us a lot in our work.

Our new Sat
Some coding of our primary mission

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