Our first meeting

Our first meeting 23/01/2018:

Our first meeting was held at our school in the computer lab, we met there together with our Physics and Computer science teacher Mr. Meyer.

The meeting was a day after the announcement of the 10 teams, that are to take a part in the competition this year.

Unfortunately due to his tight schedule Mr. Fohgrub couldn’t be present at this meeting, but we are looking forward to his being with us in the next meetings.

The four team members, me, Sireen, Ahmed and Youssef were so enthusiastic while talking about the former teams and discussing their ideas, mistakes and successes.

At this meeting we were able of uniting ourselves and ideas and thus made a list of the needed electronic materials and sensors for our cansat.

After knowing what we needed we informed ourselves well enough to choose and order the most fitting parts for our product.

Now all we can do is to wait for the ordered materials to be delivered for us so that we can start with the real work, till then stay tuned!


Written by Salma Al Khattab

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