Our progress during Easter holidays

During the Easter holidays most of us were able to find time and so meet up in our new and apparently lasting workplace Hackerspace-Bremen.

We have had a total of about 5 meetings, during which we worked on a brand new and much better looking website instead of the old one.

We solved some problems concerning sponsoring and management defects besides working on informing and preparing ourselves efficiently for the primary mission (and the whole competition), on which we are currently working.

Due to our exams at school, our meetings and intensive concentrating on the competition will automatically reduce in the coming two to three weeks, but we will always seek the right time for a meeting, were we will be enthusiastic again to move on with our work.

We would like to thank those who helped us during the meetings and were very concerned and interested in our Development on many different levels, many thanks to Mr.Robert Weissmantel and Mr.Justus Metzler.


Written by Salma Alkhatab

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